Design your own comfort with our insertable support core. This innovative technology allows you to adjust your pillows thickness to meet the needs of your sleeping position. Experience the Allure of the perfect pillow!


The Allure team of Sleep experts believe that side sleepers (74% of people) should try a thicker profile pillow to help support the head and neck but when sleeping on your back or stomach they recommend trying a thinner profile.


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Allure Sleep Pillow

  • The allure pillow is a standard queen pillow (dimensions are 20x30) with a natural cotton cover that is filled with supportive polyester fibers that adapt to your sleeping patterns.


    Washing instructions for the allure Sleep Pillow:

    Hand Wash or washing machine.

    • First unzip the pillow and remove the support core

    • Zip the pillow back up

    • Place the support core and zip pillow into the washing machine

    • Wash with mild laundry detergent with warm water on delicate